Pack packages into a text file

pack(..., output, quiet = FALSE)



One or more file collection objects generated by collate().


Path to the output text file. If empty, will create a txt file using the lower-cased package name in the current working directory. For multiple packages, will use "pkglite.txt".


Suppress printing of progress?


The output file path.


The contents of this section are shown in PDF user manual only.


# pack two packages pkg1 <- system.file("examples/pkg1", package = "pkglite") pkg2 <- system.file("examples/pkg2", package = "pkglite") fc1 <- pkg1 %>% collate(file_default()) fc2 <- pkg2 %>% collate(file_default()) txt <- tempfile(fileext = ".txt") pack(fc1, fc2, output = txt, quiet = TRUE) txt %>% readLines() %>% head() %>% cat(sep = "\n")
#> # Generated by pkglite: do not edit by hand #> # Use pkglite::unpack() to restore the packages #> #> Package: pkg1 #> File: DESCRIPTION #> Format: text
txt %>% readLines() %>% length()
#> [1] 2159