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CRAN release: 2024-04-16

New features

Bug fixes

  • Fix bug to avoid warning messages when no comparison variables are requested in format_ae_specific() (#135).
  • Fix bug to align the row order of output data with the input one in avg_event() and avg_duration() (#136).
  • Fix bug to check missing grouping variable after a subset of input data in prepare_ae_specific() (#137).
  • Fix bug to display item if AE term has NA in prepare_ae_specific() (#166).
  • Fix bug to correctly assign treatment labels when a treatment variable has NA (#179).


  • Update GitHub Actions workflow (#131, #163, #181).
  • Add styler workflow (#134).
  • Add CRAN download badge (#140).
  • Remove dependencies on dplyr and tidyr from avg_event(), avg_duration() and fmt_val() (#136).
  • Change the default value of the title argument in tlf_ae_specific() (#138).
  • Remove R/n_subject.R and change to use metalite::n_subject() in prepare_ae_specific() (#144).
  • Race values for adsl and adae are converted to title case in meta_ae_exmple() (#158).
  • Organize files for utility functions (#159)
    • Rename R/rtf_output.R to R/utility.R.
    • Remove rate_compare_sum.R, R/to_mock.R and R/to_sentence.R.
    • Move to_rate_compare_sum() to R/rate_compare.R, and move to_mock() and to_sentence() to R/utility.R.
  • Remove library calls from tests (#183).
  • Add R/outdata.R to control outdata object (#161).
  • Add an installation section to (#177).
  • Improve style and formatting for vignettes and code (#158, #168). 0.1.1

CRAN release: 2023-02-24

  • Updated the DESCRIPTION file to reformat the reference.
  • Uncommented the previously commented code example. 0.1.0

  • Initial submission to CRAN.
  • Added a file to track changes to the package.